Fungus Extract Powder

 MIGU is high-tech manufacturers mainly engaged in fungus extract,botanical extract and plant essential oil by supercritical carbon dioxide extraction (SFE-CO)with 19 years.The SFE technology can overcome the technical barrier of loss of functional compoments and residual of organic solvents under pyrolysis.Plus the guarantee of own organic growing base, we can provide high quality fungus extract powder like reishi, chaga, cordyceps, shiitake, maitake, agaricus and etc. MIGU has professional production line with 100,000 GMP-certified workshop for sofgelsl and granules. There are sets of supercritical CO2 fluid extraction equipments in domestic. Besides, there are other separated equipments, a national wide leading technology for reishi plantation with annual reishi production for more than 100 tons. We are company with integration from cultivation, food processing to sales.

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Dr. Harold Byers, M.Sc., D.C. President of Injury Care Chiropractic 3813 7th Street Rd. Lou., KY. 40216 Soft tissue injuries are very common in my offices. They happen as the result of injury or overuse to ligaments, muscles and tendons. These support our joints and skeletal system and are involved in movement. These so called strains and sprains can be evaluated as mild, moderate or severe. Expert Chiropractors generally palpate(feel) around these areas to determine the degree of damage and will xray to see if any fractures could of occurred. We at Injury Care Chiropractic work with a team of other doctors for what ever problem you might have. The chart below shows how soft tissue tears and in some case micro hemorrhaging occurs. If not treated properly and just left alone, many times scar tissue becomes permanent and does not flex and move like normal tissue. Therefore, loss in motion and pain could result and even permanent impairment of the spine or joints. It is of utmost importance to seek immediate care at Injury Care Chiropractic following an auto accident, worker’s comp. injury, city or school bus accident and even a slip and fall. A neurological and orthopedic exam will be given and xrays or an MRI/CT scan if needed. We believe in strong documentation for your insurance company or attorney. These injuries can come out of no where and we allow walk-ins to be seen immediately. When in an accident, call us today! 502-635-2273

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