Everything to Know about Google Knowledge Panel

We also hear people say you need to be on Google Knowledge Graph for companies. Do you really need to get a Google Knowledge Panel, though, and if so, how do you get it?

This is what you need to hear about the Google Knowledge Panel for companies.

Understanding Knowledge Panel?

Knowledge panels are information boxes displayed by Google when the user searches for an entity listed in the Google Knowledge Graph (it can be a person, place, organization, event, etc.).

The Knowledge Graph, introduced in May 2012, is a framework designed to understand facts about entities and the relationships between entities. It is used as well as conventional search results to control Knowledge Panels.

In an effort to enhance its core search business, Google has introduced its new search tool, Knowledge Graph, which will provide direct answers to its results instead of merely providing links.

Knowledge Graph has made an impact on the world of SEO by fine-tuning the general use of keywords and by offering a more enhanced search results option. This is where businesses can gain a real advantage if they are aware of the changes they need to make.

Knowledge Graph learns from your searches and everyone else’s. It provides a virtual knowledge bank that allows Google to provide you with enhanced responses to otherwise unclear questions. It is a smart system that makes smart decisions about what you are looking for.

Types of Google Knowledge Panel

There are two types of Google Knowledge Panel. To know below:

  1. Local Panel
  2. Person panel
  3. Brands Panel

Local Knowledge Panel tends to appear for local companies, but they would not usually appear in the geographical region of the companies. But a jury of the brand can. Brand Knowledge Panels tend to show up globally(or at least nationally) in search results.

The difference usually depends on the geographic location from which a person is searching and whether a local, national, or global entity is the search issue.

Another big difference is that Google controls who gets a brand or personal panel, while local businesses must meet certain conditions and take their own steps to be eligible for a local panel.

Why are Google knowledge panels so important?

Google Knowledge Panel is great if you want to be found for search terms such as your name, brand, or company name! You pretty much dominate the search results on the right side of the screen in desktop searches if Google wants to show you or your business in that panel. The panel will appear amongst other outcomes in mobile but is also pretty dominant.

That’s why a knowledge panel ensures that when people are actually looking for it, the company or brand stands out in the search results. That will give you plenty and plenty of clicks.

Examples of Knowledge Panels

For example, if someone searches for ‘Eiffel Tower’ Google Knowledge Graph will produce information not only about the iconic attraction in Paris, but also travel sites and websites that feature this term highly.

Another great example is a term like Marie Curie. This will reveal links to the historical figure as well as links to organizations using her name, like those engaged in cancer research.

Where Does Google Get Your Knowledge Panel Information?

Some of the easiest ways to get your company details in the right place to make it easier for Google to identify your business as an entity and create a Knowledge Graph panel for you are as follows:

  • On Wikipedia

Wikipedia – particularly for branded knowledge panels – is one of the key places that Knowledge Graph looks for information.

  • Biography Press Release

Biography page release is a very helpful for your information google top page ranking. So it will help for your knowledge panel make.

  • Schema Markup

Originally developed by Google, Bing, and Yahoo, Schema markup is a kind of microdata language. Schema markup allows search engines to better comprehend information.

Your Panel’s Verifying

Another important point you have to do is verify your panel. It is not a very hard process; you just need to follow the steps Google outlined for you.

In short, you need to login to your Google account and sign in to your official site to get the verification you need. Then, you will be able to suggest, change, or edit details in the Knowledge Panel.


Your brand and its credibility can be a great asset to Google Knowledge Panels. If you are a local business owner, you can do everything you can to try and get a local panel for yourself. If you are already lucky enough to have a brand/personal sign, you need to make sure that with good online business reputation management, you keep the information posted clean.

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