Fingerprint cable lock Review

Fingerprint-based biometric locks let you unlock with the press of a finger. And that takes less than a second. Their main goal is to get rid of a mechanical key or password related irritation. With the use of a fingerprint sensor. It prevents someone to guess your password. Rather than turning dials, the sensor lets you open the lock any time. It’s a regular thing for someone to lose their keys. And it gets irritating when you’re in a rush to unlock it and get someplace. Not to mention the way that it will cost a lot to hire a professional. To unlock the lock or break the lock and have the lock changed. Fingerprint cable locks are the solution to this issue.

Whatslock Fingerprint cable lock is a keyless fingerprint lock. These Cable locks have increased huge benefits. The traditional key cable locks, combination cable locks are pretty obsolete nowadays. Fingerprint system locks outperform security protection, convenience, and speed. You can use it for bicycle, motorbike, glass entryway, and principle door security. The capacitive fingerprint identification system is way safer. Even safer than traditional machine keys and combination locks. No stress over losing your key or overlooking passwords. Your finger is the key.

Here’s the full review on Whatslock Fingerprint cable lock:

What is it?

The fingerprint cable lock uses your exceptional fingerprint to unlock the lock. It means you can just skip mechanical keys to unlock your bike. And that’s not the only benefit. This fingerprint cable lock doesn’t have the problems of traditional locks. No more overlooking where you put the keys or overlooking the combination of your cable lock. With this fingerprint empowered cable lock, the key was in your grasp from the start. One registered fingerprint is everything necessary to open up it. That way, it guarantees the protection of your bike. So that it doesn’t get stolen.

Why should we choose it?

The Whatslock Fingerprint cable lock is the cutting edge technology. Fingerprint technology is the most developed and used type of biometric system. It’s completely safe to use. You can use them for your bikes or your main gates of your house. If you are searching for the safest and lightest lock, then you’re in luck. Whatslock Fingerprint cable lock is the right one for you. The cable is still high-grade steel, keeping the locking circle secure. A fingerprint is more precise and affordable. The duplication of biometric fingerprint innovation is practically unimaginable. Only one out of one billionth of a possibility. Biometric security ensures a positive technique for client identification. And you can’t even lose it.  These cable locks can hold 20 sets of fingerprints. You can give access to your whole family. Also, you can save multiple fingerprints of yours. Because accidents can happen to your main finger for the fingerprint. It can be really helpful. Especially if your saved finger is dirty or bruised.

How does it work?

Biometric thumbprint works by using a fingerprint scanner system on the cable lock. It saves your fingerprint in the device. The picture itself is not saved. It gets converted into digital signals, for computers to recognize. And every time it’ll try to match your fingerprints when you put your finger on the scanner. You’ll gain entry instantly if your fingerprint matches. No one else will gain access, cause fingerprints are unique. That’s why it’s almost impossible to replicate someone’s fingerprints.

Key Features


It has a built-in rechargeable battery. Can be charged by micro USB. You can charge it anytime and anywhere.

Quick unlock

It unlocks instantly after recognizing your fingerprints. It takes less than a second to recognize your fingerprint.

Multiple sets of Fingerprints

It can store up to 20 sets of fingerprints. You can save literally all of your fingerprints. Or you can give your family members and friends access to the lock.

Waterproof Protection

The IP66 waterproof design ensures that the Cable Lock can prevent dust and water efficiently.

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