Dab Pens

What are dabs?

Dabs, or wax, maybe a solid cannabis concentrate, There are various sorts of wax but all of them contain high levels of cannabinoids and are extremely potent. Most dabs contain high levels of THC but there also are many great legal CBD concentrates available.

What is a dab pen?

A dab pen is simply a little vaporizing device that permits users to inhale small dabs. They typically function more sort of a concentrate vaporizer and a little just like the process of dabbing. Dab pens are the foremost convenient thanks to vape wax. With the technology that vape pens are using, dab rigs are not any longer a pre-requisite to dab. Wax pens vaporize concentrates sort of a typical dab rig, but it’s not as bad on your throat and lungs.

A dab pen or wax pen may be a pen-style vaporizer for cannabis concentrates referred to as wax and dabs. They typically contain a battery attached to a wax atomizer. The harder hitting ones utilize heating coils whereas others use ceramic coil-less heating systems geared towards flavor. Some of them use eGo chargers while others are rechargeable via Micro-USB. They also hit much harder and may be stored away in between puffs.

Up to recently, it had been necessary to use a blowtorch, a bong, and a hot nail to smoke dabs. Today we’ve dab pens that are used far more sophisticated technology rather than smoking it. These devices allow you to vaporize your dabs anywhere and they’re discreet and really easy to use. Many eGo-style wax pens have 510-threaded batteries that are compatible with weed oil pens and CBD oil cartridges which are another great option.

How to vape wax with a dab pen

Learning the way to use your wax pen might take some work, but you’ll get the hang of it with time. Here are some to urge you started in the right direction.

Remove the highest cap to access the coils.

Collect a small ball of wax together with your dab tool.

Carefully load it directly into the heating chamber.

Make sure your device is charged and turned on.

Briefly pulse the hearth button to prime the wax.

Hold down the hearth button while inhaling and luxuriate in it!

Advantages of dab pens:

All-in-one devices

Compact and portable

Produce good flavor



Easier to use than dab rigs

Disadvantages of dab pens:

Limited battery life

Some maintenance required

Require new coils periodically

Dab pens became the foremost popular thanks to vape wax and dabs. They’re relatively easy to use and don’t require much knowledge. Adapting to a wax pen can take a while before getting use to it, but eventually, you’ll be dabbing like a professional.

Wax pens allow you to dab anywhere you go and are extremely easy to hide. Most of them just appear as if regular vapes. They’re convenient and discreet. Even if you own a dab rig, dab pens are an ideal type to use when you’re on the go.

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